Monday, October 28, 2013

Sticker Chart

Oh yes, we're there.  I always thought charts were kind of silly.  With potty training, we just bribed Scarlett with gumballs and she was potty trained 2 days later.  To wean her from nursing, we promised a puppy stuffed animal.  Boom, done.  But then when came to sleep training, we were stuck.  She was sleeping in her bed.  That was right next to our's.  Most of the time.

After Poppy was born and co-sleeping/nursing, things got even more "interesting."  I almost felt like I had to over-compensate for rocking the world as she knew it by introducing a new baby into the mix, so I let her sleep in "our" bed.  It turned it "our" meaning Scarlett, Poppy, and me,  Sees ya' Tyler!

I drew the line when she AND Poppy began waking each other up multiple times a night and brought in a toddler bed.  Scarlett slept in it next to my bed for a few months.  Then it got real.

Scarlett was going to sleep in her own bed.  In her own PRINCESS bedroom.  It was happening.

We made this chart and talked all about being a big girl and sleepovers and telling her cousins :

It was working well, but then after over a week went by and no American Girl doll was earned, Scarjo started getting confused, followed by disinterested, SO I added mini prizes and gumballs.  Every yellow box that earns a stickers also comes with a treat (lippy, pez, etc.) and the red box is the real deal: Saige!!!

Easy peasy, right?!  Except that yesterday, after I scolded, "No sticker!  No gumball!  You woke up 2x last night!" Scarlett replied casually, "That's okay!  Tomorrow I will, right?" and continued off to play in her toy room.  Yeah, she'll be 15 by the time she reaches the red box.

Ehhh...wish me luck!

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