Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Life After I Dew

  • I can't commit to strictly vegan, but Mary coined the perfect term to what we're eating, "Vega-tarian."  Works for us!
  • Baby 2 has her baby book filled out until about 8 months!  Fail.  Buuut, Scarlett's baby book has 0 pictures, so look at me not playing favorites!
  • I let Scarlett watch PBS while Poppy has a nap, so that I can facebook/blog/read clean. 
  • For weeks before my hair appointment, I was psyched and constantly pinning different style/color ideas!  Never before have I been that excited for a new do'. 
  • The $5 extra that Pop Sugar has added to their must have boxes is making me reconsider my subscription.  Just out of spite!  Hello, Julep!
  • Tyler took the babies grocery shopping so I could get some more organization done around the house!  And I'm blogging!!!  Way more fun;)
  • I want Scarlett to earn her stickers for sleeping in her bed every night because I am SO EXCITED to order her her first American Girl doll.  She will flip when it comes in the mail...! 
  • I spent this afternoon buying all of our fresh fruits and veggies at Hannaford.  Then took the ladies to the health food store for our dinner ingredients and no preservative snacks.  After all that, on the way home, I went through the drive thru at Burger King (veggie burger, no mayo, but still.) because I was too drained to even think about cooking dinner!

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