Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy July!

Ok, so I'm 11 days late, but I have been busy lately!  It's super-hot here and Mary, the babies, and I have been melting away by the babypool in between painting projects. 

Mary and Louisa moved into our childhood home that Tyler and I purchased three years ago.  Within the last three years, Tyler and I have "decided" to sell the house with a realtor, do major home improvements, fix the house ourselves, and lastly, to sell the home by owner.  Tyler will do whatever I want to do with the house and I am the worst at making final decisions, so we've flip-flopped for the past three years.  Then when Mary moved in, it was awesome because she was full of motivation and fun pinterest ideas to improve our house!  Fantastic!  And then reality set in and we realized that the house won't be complete to our specifications until we're fifty and we'd rather chase babies around outside than paint cupboards.  So, finally I have made a for sure decision: we are selling the house ourselves.  We are willing to sell for what we owe just to get out asap, so we can start the next chapter of our lives.

On top of housing decisions, I had a birthday (hello, 28!), dyed my hair brunette (by accident x100), Lulu turned 10 months old (double digits!), and Molly dumped her loser boyfriend and is accepted back into the family (woohoo!). 

Scarlett is changing SO much everyday.  I'm just trying to soak it all in!!  She's hilarious!!!!  Scarjo says, "truck," whenever she sees a big truck anywhere.  I love that she just picks up new words!  She's our neighborhood welcoming committee; she wades naked in the driveway puddle and waves to every passing car, waves, and yells, "byyyyes!"  Cute.est. thing. ever.  See:

It's been an eventful summer so far and up next is Mary's birthday...!!!

Baby love!

Someone reeeally enjoyed the birthday doughnuts!

And the Beal girls are all brunette (for) now...!

LOOOOVE this picture!  Pretty Lu!

love her new faces!

Yay, Auntie Molly is back!

(sorry, Scarjo!) But look at my fascinator!  Just call me Kate;)

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