Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So What Wednesday

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Today, I'm saying so what if...

  • If I can NEVER make up my mind about what to do with our fixer-upper house...should we work on fixing it OR sell it?!  At least for now, we're starting to make improvements!
  • T-shirts & capris are my daily uniform...I spend the day outside with Scarlett, walking the loop, and painting!
  • I'm super excited for my birthday - it's only a week away!
  • I've been a little more stingy with the amounts of photos I add to facebook.  People steal them and print them out and it reeeeally annoys me - especially that I don't know about it!
  • I've watched The World According to Paris.  Ew.  Paris Hilton is ridiculous.  Her show is a little fun, though!
  • I have NO IDEA what Instagram is or it's purpose.  I want to know.  I see it all ove everyone's blog, but I clearly missed the memo here.  Time to google it.
  • Scarlett has never been to the ocean.  She's 17 months old!  We're rectifying the situation tomorrow - woohoo!!!
  • I use enough Jergen's sunless tanner in one application to completely change my skin color.  I don't have the patience to wait three days!
  • This week's sww is a little boring...!

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