Friday, March 11, 2011

TWO New Things

  1. Scarjo gave me kisses...and I didn't even have to beg!  This is huge.  Of course, I freaked out and squealed and jumped up and down with her; I want to encourage this new act of affection!  She has three different kinds of kisses.  Sometimes she'll just bash her head into my face (she's imitating me kissing her all over, I think.), other times she'll open her mouth up really wide and go slowly for your lips (I love even the soggy, wet ones!), and then sometimes she'll put her lips together and smoosh them into my lips!  It's just makes me so happy that she's such a lovey baby.  
  2. Tonight, Scarlett learned, "head."  She was babbling away and touching her head, so I told her what it is and after she kept touching her head and I said, "head."  After a few practices, I said, "Scarlett, where's your head?" and she patted her head.  Smart baby.


  1. what a smart girl :) parker has started giving hugs & it melts my freaking heart.

  2. I just love how much more fun they get as they grow older!