Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have been really loving the blogging world more and more lately, which inspired me to want to improve my own blog.  It's funny, though, because the blogs I'm most interested in reading are totally "mommy blogs." (and a few home improvement blogs or style blogs!)  I go through and read the posts and stay longer and longer if there is an "about me" section or birth story or if there are posts about their specific mothering I become invested in a blogger's story, I stay longer and read more.  Then it dawned on me...I have none of these pieces to my blog!  Why would anyone want to read about my day-to-day life if they're not invested because they know nothing about me?!  (other than the fact that I have 2 super-cute ladies in my life!)  Once I realized that my blog was lacking meat, I decided that I really needed to juice it up!  So that's what I have been working on while I've been posting fast and easy, but cute, "Wordless Wednesday" posts!  More info about me, my mothering techniques, and my birth story...I hope you're as excited about it as I am!  ;)

Also, one of my very best friends had her baby last night!  Caden Matthew was born at 1:24am and I couldn't be more excited for my friend, Cait, and her family!  I was lucky enough to go meet him today and I have to say that now I just want a million more babies!  When I came home to Scarlett, she seemed like SUCH a big girl!  So we'll see what the future holds...

Louisa Violet Francis is SIX months old today...and she will be here on Monday evening!  My mom is renting a huge van so that our whole (real!) family can ride down to Portland and greet the Clunies together!  I CANNOT WAIT!!! 

Also, I'm stealing a posting idea from Meghann:

3 things that make you HAPPY:

  1. This Etsy purchase arriving in the mail.  What a sweet surprise...even though I knew it was coming eventually!  Mosiesposies has so many creative, fun art that would go perfectly in any nursery--it was hard for me to choose which style I liked best.  I want to get this one next!   Or maybe one for Alyssa to match Scarlett's!
  3. The new things at Bath & Body Works!!!  Their new scent, Carried Away, is A-MAZ-ING.  And their anti-bacterial soap line has added new scents perfect for Spring/Summer!  Yummy!
  4. Select-A-Shimmer?  Genius!
  5. Finally coming up with an idea that helps keep Scarlett's (ridiculously dry) skin moisturized without having to slather on thick, sticky cream while she shivers after her bath--I just add (lots!) of baby oil to her bath water.  When she got out, she was all slick and smelled scrumptious!  I'm just not sure why it took me almost 14 months to think of it!  Better late than never...and now I have oil to smooth on my legs this summer!  Hello, shorts and wedges...!

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