Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So What Wednesday

Today, I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • My willpower decreases as the day progresses...those goldfish are just calling my name!
  • I have 12 days to reorganize my entire house in order for the Clunies to have a place to sleep...and I'm sitting here blogging!
  • Wal*Mart is a fun, family outing for's amazing to get out of the house AND Wal*Mart has everything, so less car seat buckling and unbuckling!
  • I let Scarlett watch Yo Gabba Gabba music videos...she's been super cranky this week.  (And I may have discovered the cause of her crankiness...FIVE new teeth.  I'm a horrible mother!  How did I not know?!)
  • Scarlett had a meltdown (like kicking, screaming, head-banging against the floor meltdown) at Governor's Family Restaurant.  Though I kinda blame the old ladies at the table next to us.  They should have been more friendly to the just-started-teetering-around baby who ventured over for a visit, so that I wasn't the bad guy who forced her back!
  • I'd rather be at home with my baby than go out and about with (certain) friends. 
  • Buying my first jogging stroller has me peeing-my-pants-excited giddy!
  • I'm just discovering how amazing LLBean really is!  Hello, best kids gear ever.
  • I'm a blog stalker.  I read tons of blogs faithfully and hardly comment.  I should leave more comments.


  1. Dont feel bad we use dora as a babysitter at our house!!!

  2. Aaaah! You're a real person and you commented on my blog!!! Woohoo!

    I haven't introduced her to Dora...YET!

  3. Tantrums in public are never fun. :(
    And I am extremely jealous of your jogging stroller! What kind did you get?

    Love the blog :)

  4. i would totally rather stay at home in so many instances than go to playdates! i have to force myself out of the house sometimes... but 9 times out of 10 i'm really glad i did.

    and i've learned that commenting on blogs is soooo much more fun than stalking. i've made a billion friends through commenting!! :)

  5. Thanks Lindsey! After using my sister's hand-me-down baby trend stroller last year, I desperately needed a new jogging stroller, so we went with the baby jogger city select. It's so cold and snowy here, so I just strapped Scarlett in and pushed it around the house! I'm DY-ING for Spring!

  6. Amy! I'm officially a follower of A Good Life! I've been reading your blog for a while now, but you're right, commenting is WAY more fun!

    PS--I liked your vlog! I totally want to do one someday...!