Friday, November 26, 2010

Scarlett's 1st Thanksgiving

It was a hit!  Here's a little background of our family tradition on Turkey Day...we go out!  My mom cannot cook to save her soul, so it's always been a family tradition to go to The Senator.  They have an amazing Thanksgiving buffet with the BEST EVER dessert table in the universe!  Just ask Molly, she's the dessert expert and makes it her goal to visit the desserts at least 13 times.  True story.  Anyway, so whether we went with our family of 6 from our childhood, or with our crazy, crazy, crazy ass Uncle, or random fiances of my mother's, or with childhood favorites (yay, blog shout-out to Liz!!!), we have ALWAYS  gone to The Senator. 


Fast forward three months, and my insanely insane mother has gotten herself married to a man who cooks.  And not only that, he has been planning on preparing our Thanksgiving feast.  Like there is no possibility that we're going out as a new family of 8.  Um, what?!  No crazy-fun car rides blasting Christmas music?  No thirteen trips to the buffet?  No pictures taken in the over-sized chair?  No pictures taken of all of us next to the dessert table, just to make Mary jealous??  No pecan bread???????????  WTF kind of Thanksgiving is that?!  This was my mentality going into yesterday.  I was bummed...and a little bit P.Oed.  But if I'm hating life bummed, then Tyler gets grumpy and annoyed with my mom, so I had to put on a happy face (to save Scarlett's 1st Thanksgiving!), blasted the Christmas music, and decided to have fun! (after consuming copious amounts of DD coffee!)

As you can see, Thanksgiving was a blast!  Things may have been a little different than we were used to, but it was a definite success.  Camdyn was nice to Alyssa (this. is. HUGE!), Mum's desserts rivaled The Senator's, table talk was fun & light-hearted (even though Molly was prepared!  ;), and we all left STUFFED full of yummy food.  I feel like new traditions have been started and I'm pretty much okay with that!  There's no denying that I WILL find a new reason to dine at The Senator and eat my body weight in their pecan bread...

Oh!  P.S.--Does anyone know how to add text or pictures to a heading without photoshop??  The new header is my reminder to figure it out...that clearly hasn't been going well! 

P.S.S.-- Scarlett's newest thing is clapping!!!  And dancing!  All the timeeeeeeeeee!  So sweet! 

This was after dinner, and I forgot a bib, so she was a mess!


  1. LOVE the blog shout out, thanks!! And, you're so right the Senator Thanksgiving is amazing. See you in a few short weeks...get excited!!

  2. Woohoo--cannot wait!! I'm thinking shopping spree @ the 20th??? Also, my mom is planning a cookie decorating party for Cam and you & Delia are invited, if you're free!!! It's tentalively planned for the 18th...!!!

  3. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!!
    If you want to edit pictures and put headers and such on them, Publisher is a nice and easy way to do that!