Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hey, It's OK!

(I stole this idea from this blog who stole it from Glamour magazine...I think "Hey, It's OK! is my favorite section) 

...to have been listening to Christmas music since Halloween!  I'm so excited for the 1st holiday season with Scarlett!

...to get my butt KICKED in aerobics class.  (The instructor was just a little bit insane; the poor old ladies in the class!)

...to absolutely love that Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother's engagement ring!  (and I'm just a smidge jealous!)

...to be up worrying all night about your sick baby, even while she's sleeping soundly right next to you.  (Why is she sleeping so long?!?!)

...to get excited every day that this blog has a new post!  I love Kelle Hampton's blogs!

...to already have my Thanksgiving outfit picked out!

I hope the rest of my Tuesday will be as fun & productive as the morning!  And now here are some Christmas pictures that didn't make it on our cards:

Alyssa's sharing her fluffer nutter!
 Snack break

 Love Molly's pose!

 Smith Family

 Alyssa also shared her lollipop--awesome!

 Another lovely "Molly pose," haha!

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