Friday, November 5, 2010

Coffee & Blogging

...make the perfect morning!  Scarlett is fed, dressed, and playing quietly on the rug.  I have the Today Show on for background noise and I just sat down at my computer with a nice, big cup of strong coffee in my favorite pink mug!  Life is good!  We are actually just killing time until I start the process of getting dressed up for my mom's wedding.  My sisters and I are still trying to decide how we feel about this; my mom and her future husband's 3 month anniversary of dating will be on the 11th.  And my mom is adopting his 6 year old daughter.  But there is enough juicy info for an entire post of it's own...

Back to my perfect morning...

So much has been happening!  Scarlett started swim lessons yesterday; she absolutely loved everything about it, although I think the other swimming babies and their mums were her favorite part.  At first, I was thinking, "come on, Scarlett, reach and pull, reach and pull, kick, kick, kick, kick!" but then I let go of the idea that she'd be a start swimmer and just had fun with her in the water.  You're supposed to let the babies do as much as they can on their own (like pull themselves out of the water) and Scarlett did so well!  I am not very good at letting her do things for herself--maybe that's why she's content to never crawl or walk!  It's definitely something that I'll have to work on!  She did do the motions of pulling herself up out of the water and even leaned into the pool to jump back in!  It was amazing!  Scarlett was the youngest baby, but there was a little 13-month-old who was her little friend.  Meeting the other moms was so cool!  I live in the same town where I grew up and I still didn't know a single mother in the class.  Very fun!  I did make the mistake of bringing Scarlett in a 2-piece, which was annoying to have to pull down every 3 seconds.  I promptly went home and ordered a little pink one piece swimsuit that has a tutu...Alyssa would approve!

It was also a very festive Halloween here on Morrill Ave!  Scarlett was a cupcake and Alyssa dressed up as Princess Tiana!  Molly had to work Sunday night, so Uncle Tyler, Auntie Meg, and Cousin Scarlett brought Little Miss trick-or-treating.  What a hilarious evening!  At every house, Tyler would say, "Alyssa, what do you say?" and she would reply, "Tricker!"  Amazing!  And then she said, "thank you!" on her own.  Such good manners!  After we hit about 10 houses, we were ready to go home and hand out candy.  Alyssa was in charge of that and she took it very seriously!  For every trick-or-treater, she hand-picked the candy they received.  It was a long process, but super-cute! 

And here is Alyssa handin out treats:

I have also been without my car for 2 weeks and right now, she's sitting pretty in my driveway!  Yay!  And my broken blackberry has been submitted in an insurance claim, so that is fantastic!  Happy times:)

Ok, I'm off to bathe and dress Scarlett and then get ready myself...I'm sure I'll have some photos of this evening, so get excited!

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