Thursday, October 7, 2010

True Story.

I  live in Maine and Scarlett and I had been cooped up in our house for the past 24 hours due to the rainy weather.  Naturally, I was going to take advantage of our afternoon without rain (finally!) and go for a walk today!  Scarlett and I both needed fresh air and new scenery!

Well, Scarlett was up from her nap, fed, changed, and playing in her room while I gave her a fashion show my from my newly-fitting clothes (the in-laws are coming & I needed to pick out my outfits for the weekend--it cuts back on my getting ready time!)  Anyway, it was kind of a party with Katy Perry in the background, and I found an Adidas jacket that Mary had given me.  It matched perfectly with my black spandex pants!  So I bundled Scarjo up in a fleece snowsuit and knit hat--nice & toasty--and we were ready!  (I feel like I'm defending myself, but here's what happened while we were on the loop):

{Ok, true confessions, it had started to sprinkle *rain* while we were having our closet party upstairs.  I didn't realize this until I stepped outside all ready to go.}  Now if you're from Maine, you know that you just have to wait five minutes and the weather will change.  That's what I was hoping would happen because I was going stir-crazy and needed the walk!  Scarlett was completely covered and was up against my body in her Ergo baby carrier with the hood over her--I made the executive decision that a little fresh air would be good for her and she would be warm enough.

As we walked up Mayflower Hill, a lady in a van stopped and asked if I needed a ride.  What I wanted to say was, "Um, I look like a track star in my Adidas jacket and matching black spandex!  Do you think was by accident?!  Crazy lady--I'm out for a walk!"  But instead just said, "no, thanks!" and we kept on going.  By the time I was a mile into the walk, the rain had stopped and it was about 40 degrees outside.  Nice and crisp!  Scarlett and I made our way through Colby and were walking past Thayer hospital (about 2 miles into the 3 mile walk) when a creepy, old man in a junker car started honking as he came up behind me.  Before I had turned around, I thought it was Tyler.  He sometimes stalks me on my walks if I'm not home during the day!  I heard, "toot...toot...toot" and looked to see what Tyler was doing when I saw an unfamiliar vehicle.  There was the creepy, old man was saying something, but he hadn't rolled down his window, so I couldn't hear.  He was legit SCARY looking, so I backed away and waved him on saying that he better leave me alone I was alright.  I thought he was offering us a ride due to the weather.  Then he rolled down his window.  I took my ear piece out (I wear it in only one ear, so I can hear what's going on around me) and said again, "I'm fine, but thank you!" and waved him on.  He said, "No, what about your baby??  *indistinctive chatter* I'm giving you a hard time about that.  What about your baby?  I just pulled over to give you a hard time for having your baby out!"  Wait, what??  My blood started to boil and I was shaking, I was so angry!  Who did this guy think he was?  I just waved him on and kept walking.  Then I started to look at all the vehicles driving by.  Did they think I was a horrible mother for having my baby outside?  I was getting insecure, but fortunately I remembered this video that I had seen this morning.  Cheesy as it sounds, I really loved the "trust your instincts" part and it stuck with me.  I know that my decision to do the Colby loop was in the best interest for Scarlett and me.

Normally my blog is so happy, but I had to share this story!  I had this post written in my head by the time Scarlett and I arrived home.  I guess that's probably why my posts are usually about happy, baby things--I just write angry things in my head and it makes me feels tons better--so I don't need to write negative things down!

Anyway, I'll end this post on a positive note!  Here is my little Scarlita in the tub with her favorite older cousin, Alyssa:

Love her tongue!  Silly Scarlett!

And here is my sister, Molly, and me:

(we were hanging out with Scarjo, but she didn't make it into any of the good shots!  It's too bad because her pjs were super-cute!)

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