Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scarlett has TEETH!

Two of them!  Right on the bottom.  They're hard to photograph because just the the tips of her two front teeth have come up, but I've felt them!  She has been a little grumpy these past few days, but nothing like I've been dreading.  Although I haven't really been as productive around the house as I'd like to be because Scarlett just won't let me put her down.  Oh well, I'll take her snuggles over cleaning the kitchen any day! 

What I really can't stand right now are her squeals.  Now these aren't squeals of delight, these are "OMG!  I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE!" squeals.  She sounds like a pig being slaughtered.  Gross.  I just can't come up with a better way to describe it.  She's just so P.O.ed that I have the audacity to get her dressed in the morning or that I won't let her hold the candle that I just lit.  Crazy annoying--I can't wait for her to be able to verbalize what she wants so the squealing comes to a stop!  Hopefully! 

Ok, right this second, Scarlett is having an afternoon nap.  By herself.  Upstairs.  Woohoo!!!!  Now, don't get too excited, she's not in her crib, BUT she is not nursing as she sleeps either!  Thank goodness!  Now I just need to get that little lady sleeping in her crib at night AND sleep through the night.  We'll get there...first step we're starting tonight by putting a crib mattress next to our bed.  We'll test that out to see if it helps.  I think she's waking up at night when Tyler rolls around.  I'm hoping that giving Scarlett her own space will allow her to sleeps longer...wish us luck!

On top of the fact that Scarlett is napping alone, Grammum took Alyssa for the afternoon!  Yay for a free Sunday.  Now, I love my Little Miss, but phew!  She is busy little lady and it is just nice to sit and relax on a Sunday afternoon.  Plus, we had our share of Alyssa love yesterday!

More Scarlett news--she went to the apple farm for the first  time last weekend.  Daddy, cousin Alyssa, Scarlett and I all went.  We had a BLAST!  It was especially fun with Alyssa because she could actually pick the apples.  We rode on a horse drawn wagon and shopped in the barn-like gift shop!  Fun, fun!  Next weekend, Grammum, David, Camdyn, Tyler, Scarlett, Alyssa, and I are going to a different apple farm--I'm sure I'll have stories!

 Alyssa getting her face painted!

 I thought this was so cute!  Alyssa always tries to hold Scarlett's hand; Scarlett is never as excited!

Now I'm going to enjoy my chicken quesadilla fajita from Cancun!  Yum:)

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