Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Slacker...

That's exactly what I've been lately!  I write tons & tons of blogs in my head, but haven't had the time to just sit and write, mainly because Scarlett has been staying up later at night.  Ahhh...but not tonight!  Scarjo is asleep and hopefully she stays that way!  I love her so much, but I haven't had my own time in more than a week!  It's time!

It's the 21st...10 more days until Halloween!  I.  am.  PSYCHED!   Scarlett's 1st Halloween costume is hanging in the closet, ready to be worn around the neighborhood with her older cousin!  I will be taking insane amounts of pictures, so you can all feel like you're here...!

After Halloween, I'm going to be in all out Christmas mode.  Woohoo!  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  First at David's, then off to The Senator we'll go!  The great part of Thanksgiving will be sharing our traditions with the next generation of babies and that they'll look so cute in their fancy dresses!  We're doing Christmas pictures soon too!  The holiday season is so magical anyway, I think with babies it just makes everything even more special!  I cannot wait!  :)

Something happened today.  Here's how it all started...Scarlett's nails were filthy, so to fix this, I decided to pour warm, soapy water on her high chair tray.  I thought, "she's learning!" when she splashed the water all over and squealed with delight.  There was water everywhere, but she was having a ball!  When the water became cool, I rinsed her tray, dried Scarlett off & pulled down her sleeves, and dried the floor.  Scarlett was getting fussy and ready for her morning nap, so I picked her up out of her high chair, grabbed my camera (that I had been using to record Scarjo in the water!), and my Great One.  (for all of those non--DD coffee drinkers, it's the 24oz cup of deliciousness!)  We rounded the corner and BAM!  My foot hit the water that I had apparently missed while had cleaned and I slipped, dropped my coffee and camera, and I fell with Scarlett on the floor.  She hit her head and was covered in luke-warm coffee.  OH:(  I am still feeling horrible.  Scarlett is okay and I have checked her over 100x, but it still freaked me out.  It makes me so sad that I am the one who made Scarlett cry. 

Now onto to happier things!  Molly totally saved me today--she picked up Scarlett and me and we went tanning and grocery shopping.  It made me feel tons better picking out fun new foods for Scarlett to try!  Tonight we all went to Cancun--Waterville's best Mexican restaurant!  Yummy!  There's not a lot that a quesadilla fajitia and fresh salsa can't fix!

All in all it was an okay day, but I'm glad that it's over!  Now I'm just excited to pick out pretty, festive holiday dresses for pictures...!  (Hanna Andersson is having a great sale through Sunday, fyi!) 

And tomorrow is Friday!  Yay!

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