Friday, August 13, 2010

ScarJo updates and then some...!

It has been forever since I've written a blog! I keep wanting to, but then I feel very uninspired. Lots of fun stuff has been going on in the 'ville...we have shown the house 2x (third showing is tomorrow!), Scarlett can officially sit up by herself and is sleeping in her bassinet for hours at a time, and I have replaced my blackberry AND camera! It was necessary because both were dead due to excessive amounts of drool...oops! I learned my lesson: no babies can play with the blackberry OR camera, no matter how much they want to!

Showing the house is exciting because Tyler and I have wanted to get out of this "fixer upper" as soon as we realized that we were terrible painters and would rather buy baby clothes than curtains! (this explains the one window treatment in our 4 windowed living room--yikes!) We are looking forward to living somewhere fresh & new! (and with enough room for Louisa&Auntie Mary!)

Scarlett sitting up by herself is a miracle because I haaate putting her down! She's getting to be a bit heavy, but I just love to snuggle her. I put her in her high chair, her crib, or her play mat while I get things done around the house, then I just scoop her right back up when I'm free! On top of that, our floors are questionable, so better safe than sorry! I have been trying to make a conscious effort to put ScarJo down, so her muscles will grow and she will learn to be more independent, but while she's playing, I don't get anything accomplished! I just take tons of pictures!!! Oh well!

On top of sitting up by herself and sleeping in her bassinet (for the most part!), Scarlett also had her first bath outside of her baby tub...she wasn't as excited as I was!

She had so much fun playing with the leftover hangers!!! (from the clothes that are too small, so we're sending them to Louisa--I swear!):

My favorite thing: Alyssa & Scarlett love!

Can't wait to see Little Miss in less than 48 hours!!!

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