Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yesterday's blog's sole purpose was to update you all on ScarJo and I totally forgot the most important info...I struggle! She had her 6 month check up on August 13th (even though she'll be SEVEN MONTHS OLD in 5 short days!) and turns out, she's was 50th percentile in height, weight, and head size. This was a relief because at her 4 month check up, her head was in the 25th percentile while the rest of her was 50th, so her head has caught up! Scarlett weighs 16lbs 8 and 3/4 oz, is 26 and 1/4 inches long with a 17" head. That was the highlight of the visit; I love to get those updates, but the yucky part of the visit were her immunizations. Oh, I dread them every time! I know, I know, she must have them and it is SO worth it, but why do the needles have to be so big?! I think it really is more painful for me to watch them and hear her cries. And I kind of hated the nurse this time. It's her job to give babies their shots, but does she have to be so rough? She went through a vein and Scarlett was bleeding all over! Now there's a bruise--that has never happened before! Ugh! At least it's over...until October 20th! But at the 9 month check up, there's only a finger prick...woohoo!!!

Now on to happier things...last week while Alyssa was home, we all went to the most delicious Mexican restaurant for some quesadilla fajitas! Mmmmmm...amazing! Even without the cheesy sauce, the chicken quesadilla fajitas are TO DIE FOR! Mary, get excited for Maine!!!! Anyway, while we were there, Alyssa decided that she wanted to sit with her favorite auntie...don't be jelly;)

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