Wednesday, August 25, 2010

QT with Little Miss♥

Because my mom was Molly's only babysitter for my amazingly fantastic niece, Alyssa, and she's been MIA for the past 2 weeks...that leaves Little Miss babysitter-less. Hello Auntie Meg! (I'm no longer Auntie "Heg" -- Alyssa's growing up!) Anyway, I have been having the best time with my two babiessssss:) Alyssa is a great helper with Scarlett (mostly...poor ScarJo!) and she has just been making everything more fun! I'm definitely excited to have more children of my seems do-able now!

We went to an out-of-town playground, so that was fun & new! Scarlett, Alyssa, and I also played in the nursery, Uncle Tyler built Alyssa a huge tower with Marbleworks, which she loved, and snuggled on the couch, ate popcorn and watched Toy Story 2 on a cold, rainy afternoon. Scarlett thought Alyssa was hilarious, for some reason! And we went to McDonald's! Alyssa's FAVORITE place on Earth! The 3 of us went for a walk this morning before the rain came--Alyssa Lou was more excited than Scarlett! It was quite a mess when Alyssa got her hands on the sunscreen...!

All in all, it was just great having Alyssa with us for so long! I'm looking forward to many more days of Alyssa&Scarlett fun♥ Here are some pictures from our adventures last weekend...

Alyssa is letting Scarlett gnaw on her fingers! Sweet! (& maybe a little germy!) Ha!

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  1. I LOVE the pictures!!! Especially the backseat scene... how crazy that will be once Little Louisa is here!! FUN!