Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nursery School.

This saying is exactly how I felt the night before sending Scarlett off to her first real day of school. It may seem a bit dramatic and smushy, and I knew that Scarlett would be okay, but it still is the hardest thing to do to trust someone else to look after YOUR baby. So. Hard.

Anyway, so...

Yep, already, Scarlett is a STUDENT.  It feels like three seconds ago I was leaving my job at school to stay home with her and now here she is old enough to attend school.  Crazy.

I mean, it's really crazy, but I know that everyone says that.  It really doesn't seem like time goes by so quickly until you have kids, I think.  They just grow up SO FAST.  And while it is exciting to watch, it is heartbreaking at the same time.

So here we are...nursery school.  I am so proud of Scarlett.  She is ready and excited for school.  Wicked excited!  She has been talking non-stop about her teacher, Mrs. Harding, staying in school by herself, telling her teacher about getting her ears pierced, and packing and re-packing her new horsey backpack for the last couple of weeks. It has been really sweet!

When the moment of truth came, the first day, Scarlett was more than ready!  I was less ready...

It was a bit too early for Miss Poppy!
Flowers for her teacher!

"Mummy, will my shoes grow because they have flowers on them?"  

Ready to go, but I was still snapping away!

We walked in, just the two of us, hung up her bag at her cubby, found her picture card for the plan of the day, and went to the carpet area where the other kids were playing.  I helped her find toys that I knew she'd like (babies, obv.) and said, "Okay, I have to go now.  Are you all set?"  She looked at me and nodded nonchalantly while picking out a prime baby doll.  That's when my eyes started to sting, so I said, "Give me bu-bye love!  I'll see you in a little bit!"  She gave me a hug and kisses and I was dismissed.  There were definitely tears in my eyes as I made a beeline for the door!

It was a looong three hours for me, but I'm sure as we get used to the new schedule, that time will fly!  In the meantime, I had this lady keeping me company:

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