Friday, August 30, 2013

NINE Months...time for another baby!

Just kidding!  No Baby 3 just yet!  I need to get my baby Poppy love while I still can...then we'll start to think about a third!

Poppy Ballerina turned 9 months on August 2.  Already.  And let's be honest, she's almost 10 months now.  That's how on top of my blogging I have been...!  ;-)  Chiquita needs to sloooow down.  I'm not ready for her to grow up and leave me, too!  I really should consider homeschooling.  Done with all this "flying the coop" thing.  Over it.

Poor baby just started really crawling and has already had her first fall.  She was apparently feeling a bit over-confident when she was furniture standing because she tried to walk, lost her balance, and hit her face on the way down.  So many tears.  :-/

But on a happier note, Poppy is officially a crawler!

I was unloading groceries yesterday evening, when I heard little Poppy chirps, turned around and saw this!  She had been sitting on the living room rug surrounded by enough baby dolls to entertain her while I was busy, but instead, she discovered a new form of entertainment!  My life just became 10x crazier!  

Here is Poppy at 9 months:

Always such a fun, happy baby!!!  At 9 months, Poppy started talking lots!  "Ba ba, da da, pa pa" are her first sounds, but she recently started saying, "ma ma ma."  Yesss!  

Poppy claps, waves, gives kisses (to anyone, but especially to her babies and reflection!), dances and sings, feed herself, and loves to play with her Little People!  

Bananas are a new favorite food and black olives are always a sure thing!  I can't wait until it's officially okay to give her peanut butter and honey...two more months!  

I'm not gonna lie...I am starting to look for 1st birthday outfits and party inspirations!!!  Might as embrace and have fun with the fact that my baby is getting older, even if I do hate it!

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