Thursday, July 18, 2013

Months 7 & 8

Remembering our family without Poppy seems like a lifetime ago...she has blended right in and has definitely spiced things up a bit! After months of being our angelbaby, Chiquita is finally finding her voice squawk!  If she wants something, she is going to make it known!  

  • At eight months old, Poppy still has no teeth, though she is teething like crazy!  (Blech!)
  • She sits by herself, gets on all fours, but always one leg gets stuck and so she isn't crawling juuust yet.
  • Her favorite toys are teethers (obv.) and rattles that make noise.
  • Half of her days are spent sitting naked in the sink with teethers and cups playing in the water while I get stuff done around the kitchen/feed Scarjo!
  • Poppy is not a huge fan of the pool, she'd rather splash in shallow water...or nurse.  
  • She is still nursing 3-4 times each day and lots at night!
  • Other than nursing, she can eat pretty much anything that is allowed...peas, eggs, graham crackers, fruit, black olives are a new fave, and really everything but peanut butter, honey, and cow milk.  She is a champion eater!

I think that my competition for being Poppy's favorite person is Scarlett and Scarlett only.  No matter what Poppy is doing or how hungry/tired/hot/grumpy she is feeling, Scarlett can put a smile on her face.  Sweet sisters!

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