Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm still here!!!

Life has been going so well, but the time change definitely threw us for a loop!  We're still recovering.  Just as I was typing my title, I heard the frantic cries of my littlest lady.  Story of my life lately.  We had the bedtime thing down, but now that it is so light out, we get tricked into thinking it's earlier than it really is and end up getting the girls to sleep at 8pm instead of 6:45pm, their bedtime pre spring forward.  Now that rocked my world; free time without going to bed at midnight!  Slowly, we're creeping our way back to the regular bedtime, but it's taking longer than I had anticipated.

So here I am with Poppy and my freshly poured glass of Moscato.  Shoot.

Off to nurse a baby back to sleep, but first, here are some pictures from the last few weeks!

From our Valentine's Day cupcake decorating party: Scarlett, Poppy, Camdyn, Alyssa, Louisa


Has something for them both!

The look Scarlett is giving to Poppy outweighs the sneak peek into my messy living room!  ;-)

Scarlett thought she looked lonely.

Poppy's first St. Patrick's Day!

Sleepygirl this morning.
And this lady is officially in preschool!  She only goes one day a week for about five hours, but that's about all I can handle at this point!  Scarlett loves her teacher and Alyssa goes to the same school/day care after pre-k, so it is a perfect fit!  Such a big, big girl!

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