Friday, March 29, 2013


What's up with me?  Well, here ya' go!

Current book(s):  Well, Shannon wrote about how she was reading Gone Girl, so I went to order it on amazon and accidentally ordered Dark Places by the same author.  It was fantastic.  A little dark and creepy for me (I couldn't read it right before I fell asleep!), but I still loved it.  It made me catch the reading bug, so I went to a book sale with the little ones and my mom and stocked up on tons of older books, left them in the jeep and  then found A Time to Kill on my headboard.  I'm on the 4th chapter and it is addicting!  And chilling.  I'm still planning on Gone Girl, though!

Current playlist:  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are rocking my world!  Love, love, love their energy and enthusiasm about their music.  They're coming to Colby next month and Tyler is dy-ing to go, but I'm pretty sure that's not going happen.  Babysitters and nursing and being 30 (ish) at a concert full of teens and early twenty-sonethings make it seem unlikely...sads.  Other artists on my playlist lately are Bruno Mars (always.) and ZZ Ward.  She is a new fave that Mary discovered.  It took me about six months to get on board, but I'm there and loving her!

Current color:  Hmmm...well, I tried to rock mint nails.  That was a fail.  So I'm going to go with Snakebite, my favorite eye shadow in my Naked palette 2!  Love!

Current food:  Two words: pad thai.  I cannot get enough!  And the added bonus of using chop sticks makes it even more irresistible!  

Current show(s):  I'm ashamed to say this, but RHOBH is so addicting this season.  Sees ya' Adrienne!  

Current needs:  I am in desperate need of a new Spring purse.  I'm still rocking my 'Frankly Scarlet' Vera Bradley.  It's time.

Current triumphs:  I called my father in law when his mother passed away.  It was really difficult for me to do because I'm horrible and awkward in those types of situations, but I knew it was the right thing to do.  I felt so great about calling once we got off the phone!

Current banes of my existence:  How horrible would I be if I said my MIL?!  ;-)  Pretty horrible, right?!  Well, I am just nervous because Tyler's whole family is coming to my mom's for Easter and they have already called Tyler to make requests about the day that I'm not comfortable with.  So, yeah, she wins this title!

Current celebrity crush:  Jessica Alba.  She's just full of awesomeness!  Since her book is coming out soon (or already has?!), she has been on all my talk shows.  She makes me want to drink green smoothies.
Oh!  And Michael Strahan!  He totally saved Live! with Kelly.

Current #1 blessing:  I mean, obviously Scarlett, Poppy, and my family!  The other night I was trying to explain to Tyler how it feels for me since they're getting older, "You know how you want to squeeze a soft, fuzzy kitten so much?  Well, I want to do that, but emotionally, to the girls.  I want them to know how much I love them."  I think he got it.  

Current indulgence:  Like, currently, currently??  Moscato.  Mmmm!  

Current outfit:  Ahhh, okay, I admit it, I'm still rockin' the maternity jeans.  I can't stop.  I have plenty of (post-pregnancy sized) skinny jeans, but that elastic waistband is just too comfy to quit!  They're like wearing yoga pants, but dressy.  But, when I'm not sporting the maternity jeans, I put on skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a nice, flattering top.  Sometimes a scarf.  Casual, but trendy enough.  

Current excitement:  EASTER!!!  That morning is going to be so fun to watch Scarlett!!!  And then we get to dress up and head to my mom's for brunch!

Current mood:  Excited!  I'm excited for the holiday weekend, having Tyler home for the majority of it (hello, tanning!), and to hear about Tyler's job opportunities!!  

Current favorite quote or verse:  I'm loving this:

Current wishlist item:  Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in bahama, but I'm waiting until the Fall.  It seems like the perfect color for cooler weather!  

Current favorite product:  Infantino Swift Classic Carrier.  With Scarlett, the Ergo was perfect because she always loved to be snuggled right up to me, but Poppy won't have any of that!  So after struggling with the Moby Wrap and the Ergo, on a whim, I purchased the Infantino carrier and she has lived in it ever since!  Life saver!  

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