Monday, May 28, 2012

18 Weeks! (and 2 days!)

I feel bad for baby 2 because I am reeeeeally slacking this pregnancy so far.  I lost all of my pregnancy tests before taking pictures, I have yet to take an un-ugly bump shot, and I really have made no progress in getting Scarlett out of our bedroom, so baby 2 can have room in his/her co-sleeper.  Mom fails, already!!!

How far along?  18 weeks + 2 days!
Baby's size:  (I have to go look that fail.)  5 1/2 inches long; about the size of a bell pepper!
Sleep:  Scarlett is getting better at sleeping, only waking up around 3am, so my sleeping is getting long as I have my body pillow!  I read that you can't sleep on your back because then you'll squish a major vein, so that has me a little freaked out!
Maternity clothes:  I mean, that's not even a question anymore, I liiiive in maternity clothes!!!
Food cravings:  Well, I'm a little sad to say, my food aversions have died down a bit, so I'm open to chocolate.  Not good for my hips!  I still don't really crave it, though, so that's good!  My cravings depend on the day, but once I set my mind to something, I have to have it before I let it go.
Food aversions:  none.  :/
Symptoms I have:  I can feel stretching under my belly when I walk for exercise and slight grinding in my right hip off and on...nothing too bad!
Doctor's appointment:  June 8th, and then I schedule the ultrasound appointment!!!
Movement:  Yes!  I can feel little movements once a day, probably.  I feel it when I am thinking about it.
Belly button:  Same as always.  It never poked out with Scarlett, so I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere!
Gender?:  Not known yet...!!!!
What I'm looking forward to:  Boy or Girl???!!!
What I miss:  A cold glass of chardonnay after the babies go to bed!!!  Delicious!!

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