Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Snowing!

Like, lotslots snow and we are loving this weather!!!  Scarlett and I are meeting Molly and Alyssa at the pool for open swim, but first we must get outside and take pictures of Scarlett playing in the snow!!!!  It's really time to find a snowsuit...!  I just bundle her up with mix-matched warmness, but she despises being so bulky and absolutely refuses to wear mittens.  It creates quite a scene as we wrestle to get her dressed.  This is what she looks like with a sweatshirt-material all-over outfit, socks & furry boots, fleece all-over suit all stuffed into an LLBean baby bag!  Yeah, she hated me, until we got outside...then she only hated me a little bit! 

And this is less angry!

Also, after watching the Today Show, I've decided that I NEED an all-sequined dress like this:

Soooo pretty!

  It's so pretty and would look great with my fake eyelashes!!!!  I need ideas as to to where I would wear it, though...maybe even just a fancy dinner out?!  We'll see...Christmas is coming!  (hint, hint, Tyler!)

Scarlett has SIX teeth!!!  Four on top, two on the bottom!  Crazy!


  1. She looks sooooo happy.

    I used to put my babies in a plastic box from our toy shelves. You know what I'm talking about? None of them liked being IN the snow, but loved touching it. A sled or a box usually keeps them happier than piles of stuff they can't move through...

  2. What a squashy little grump! And that dress would look fab on you!