Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Hangover. (full of random thoughts)

I never knew how deflated I'd feel after Christmas--blech!  It's like I just found out that Santa isn't real; just a yucky feeling!  I feel like I put so much effort and had such high expectations in this 1st Christmas with Scarlett that I feel a bit let down.  Not by Scarlett or Alyssa, but just by my lack of realization that traveling on Christmas is not such a good idea.  Next year, family can come to us! 

And really, it wasn't a bad Christmas!  I just still have not been able to get my house back in order; toys and decorations and crumbs and leftover desserts are everywhere!!!  On a positive note, I had my hair highlighted and that totally made me feel less overwhelmed!!  Also, the husband is home this week!  Yay for time together/free babysitting while I go to the gym, but he is like having another child around sometimes...no lies...and he has no idea!  I blame his mother;)  But he does everything for me and fixes the faucet, so I really can't complain about his trail of messy-ness! 

Tonight we're just in the livingroom hanging out, so we whipped out an older cd...I had forgotten how much I love old Mary mixes!  Britney, Lily Allen, Love Lockdown, and Poker Face!!! 

Scarlett was not a fruit lover when we started her on solid foods, but oh how things have changed:
She loves her berries!

We got a HUGE snowstorm here in the northeast.  I was all excited to bring the babies out to enjoy the fresh, white, fluffy snow...until we got outside and the wind blasted cold, wetness in the face!  Awesome.  We still managed to snap some photos:

A little miserable, but determined to get a photo! 
I took Tracey's advice!  Here's Scarlett in her bilibo!

Eeek...snow in the face!

Alyssa & me

Alyssa, eyeing my hat!

Yup, she decided it was worth stealing!

Me with Tyler

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