Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
  • I'm so funny in middle of the night while I nurse Poppy and think of all the things that I want to blog about...I just wish I could remember them the next morning!
  • Making sure that I posted about Scarlett's third birthday was important to me -- fixing the red eye was less of a big deal.  Clearly.  
  • Scarlett wore tights for two days in a row because she didn't have any clean socks.  
  • I use Kcups and 'Sposies.  I dabble in cloth diapers and reusable filters because the guilt is killing me!
  • I am itching to get out of this house.  Like DY-ING.  First, Tyler needs to get the job he applied for last week...fingers crossed!
  • After being a fashionable lady forever, I went and had babies, and now I don't even know what's in!  I've been window shopping online and I've decided that it all starts with the skinny jean!  That has to happen...asap.  
  • Who needs a doctor when you have webMD?!  I have self-diagnosed myself with rosacea, wonky hormones after pregnancy (I'm losing my eyebrow -- just one of them!), and maaaybe lupus!  (Did I mention my eyebrow is disappearing?!)
  • I facebook stalk myself, so I always want to put up my latest pictures, but then I feel cheesy posting so many at once...and then I think about putting them up privately, but what fun is that?!  The real dilemmas of my life as a SAHM.  ;)
  • Valentine's Day is coming!!!  I have Scarlett and (mostly) Poppy taken care of gift-wise, but then the next day is Tyler's 31st birthday...I am clueless as to what to get for him!  Wife FAIL.  


  1. Awesome late night ideas are the BEST. Not remembering them sucksssss. Happens to me all. the. time. Also, I had to ban myself from sites like WebMD--especially while pregnant!

  2. I am CRACKING up at WebMD. If it's on there, I have it. I totally diagnosed myself with some super rare tumor a few years ago. Yeah, it turns out I don't really have that. Or maybe I do.....

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